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Dear Google, tell us what you’re forgetting.

14 May , 2015  | by:

Today marks the one year anniversary of the Google Spain ruling on the ‘right to be forgotten’, or perhaps more accurately ‘the right to delist’. A cohort of 80 (internet) scholars and researchers led by Ellen P. Goodman and Julia Powles have penned an open letter to Google requesting the release of more specific data on their compliance with the ruling. The letter is published in the Guardian today.

They state:

Beyond anecdote, we know very little about what kind and quantity of information is being delisted from search results, what sources are being delisted and on what scale, what kinds of requests fail and in what proportion, and what are Google’s guidelines in striking the balance between individual privacy and freedom of expression interests.

In order to remedy this lack of information, the scholars present a 13 points long list in which they lay down the specifics of their request. Some of their points overlap with the guidelines published by the Article 29 Working Party on the Right to be Forgotten, though not all.

Read the letter to Google in full here.

Full disclosure: one of our own contributors (Stefan Kulk) is one of the undersigned.


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