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iOS 8: Apple replaces Yahoo! weather with The Weather Channel

19 Sep , 2014  | by:

There are many new cool things you can do on your iDevice with Apple’s new iOS 8. One thing that caught my eye is that Yahoo! no longer provides the weather data for the new weather app. That role has now been taken over by the Weather Channel.

Kara Swisher at re/code writes:

“The irony? Yahoo’s weather app and services have long been powered by the Weather Channel, part of a longtime partnership it has had with the Silicon Valley Internet giant. In simple terms, Yahoo had slapped a pretty chrome cover on it and Weather Channel provided the more substantive back end and critical weather data.”

This change thus seems a deliberate move to remove Yahoo!’s presence from the iPhone and iPad.
The Stocks app is still populated with Yahoo!’s data, but it may be a matter of time until Apple completely cuts out Yahoo! from its devices.

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