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Mysterious Social Network ‘Ello’ Explodes In Popularity For People Fleeing Facebook

26 Sep , 2014  | by:

If you care about privacy and are looking for an alternative to Facebook, Ello might be an interesting option. The network’s popularity seems to have grown exponentially in the past few days, particularly in the LGBTQ community, coders and visual artists. The network is self-described as “ad free that does not sell data about its users to third parties.” Joining is free but for the time being by invitation only. If you enter your email and ask to join, like I did, Ello will send you a note saying “we will invite you as soon as we can.” I look forward to observing how their cyberbullying/abuse/harassment policy will evolve. You can read more about Ello here.

Also see this recent blog post by Luke Heemsbergen about Ello.

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