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Go download Thom Yorke’s new album on BitTorrent

26 Sep , 2014  | by:

And the good news is: he’s ok with it. Or more precisely, Thom Yorke is selling his latest album through BitTorrent Inc. as a “BitTorrent Bundle“, so you can legally acquire on the BitTorrent peer-to-peer file sharing network.

Emil Protalinski at The Next Web explains:

“Paygates will allow artists to monetize their Bundle content directly, though fans will only be able to download it a limited number of times before it is locked.”

However, buying BitTorrent Bundles does not yet offer a perfect user experience, according to Sam Machkovech at Ars Technica:

“More annoyingly, we didn’t receive an e-mail with a link to the torrent file download for future use. Not that it matters; BitTorrent informs users that it serves “protected” torrent files, meaning they must be used at the same IP address and computer if users wish to re-download the album in the future. The MP3s may be DRM-free, but this hurdle to authenticating our six-dollar purchase in the future left a bad taste in our mouths. We can only hope the service amends this annoyance as it begins pushing more bundles; currently, the BitTorrent bundle site mostly consists of free albums which can be claimed simply by joining the site’s newsletter system.”

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