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The Floodgates have opened: even more leaked celebrity pics

29 Sep , 2014  | by:

Last Friday, the Daily Beast reported that even more celebrity nude pictures have been leaked:

“On Friday afternoon, download links surfaced on Reddit and 4chan boards that led to presumably hacked private photos of supermodel Cara Delevingne, actress Anna Kendrick, and others.”

To make matters worse, according to the The Daily Dot, Apple knew of as early as March 2014 of a security hole in their iCloud security. It is, however, unclear whether those who “stole” the celebrity nudes actually made use of this security hole.

The celebrity photo hack raises the question what this form of celebrity surveillance means for the rest of us. On this blog, Melinda Sebastian has already provided some answers to that question:

“It is not just celebrities who are being watched. It is not just celebrities who feel that they are being watched, particularly in this post NSA-creepin time we find ourselves living in. And it is not just celebrity women who feel violated, pissed off, and all around creeped out when they feel themselves reduced to targets of nude surveillance. They just happen to be the ones with the greatest media presence, who can provide an illustrative example of this beyond voyeuristic environment.”

Read Melinda Sebastian’s full blog post.

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