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What’s in a name? Facebook’s new “EMEA Client Council”

30 Sep , 2014  | by:

I rejoiced for a moment when I read that Facebook set up its “EMEA Client Council“. Is the land of Facebook becoming a democracy? Will we, Facebook’s clients and customers, have a say in what Facebook does, or at least be heard?

“As part of our mission to make the world more open and connected, it is essential for Facebook to partner with and listen to our customers so we can align on priorities to drive greater impact across our region. Today, we’re delighted to announce the creation of the EMEA Client Council as a step towards achieving that goal.”

Eh, no. I was mistaken. The EMEA Client Council just means business:

“Our new EMEA Client Council will include representatives from brands and agencies across Europe, Africa and the Middle East, alongside senior Facebook leaders. We believe that developed and high-growth countries have much to learn from each other and wanted to create a forum where some of the best minds in the business can listen, inspire and share ideas about the future of marketing.”

Big companies like Aegis, Nestlé and Unilever are represented in Facebook’s Client Council. When Facebook means customers and clients, it means the big companies. We, the people, are probably just users.

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