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A Game Designed To Teach Teens About Privacy

30 Oct , 2014  | by:

The University of New Mexico’s Computer Sciences department has developed a comic book art style game to address the issue of privacy on the internet. In their research paper, the researchers introduce the game ‘Immaculacy’:

“This interactive story takes the player on a journey, through a world in which personal information is in constant jeopardy. The player is placed in the role of an eighteen-year-old girl, Sydney Carlisle.”


“Immaculacy is an interactive story that immerses the player in a slightly dystopian world littered with privacy issues. Events unfold in the narrative based on hidden scores kept during gameplay and calculated based on specific decisions made by the player. Ultimately, we hope to create an engaging environment that helps players consider the decisions they are making in their own lives. We give the player experience with many privacy issues through their explorations of a world of hyper surveillance and connectivity.”

While the target audience for the game is very broad: “[i]n general, any smartphone owner or person who uses the Internet on a regular basis can benefit from and enjoy this game”, the rating of the game could reach up to ‘Teen’. The researchers expect that this might be possible “due to the psychological nature of the game.”

The game has been submitted to the CHI Play Student Game Design Competition held last week, for other competitors have a look at the competition’s website.

The game itself also has a website:  EXIT | Immaculacy: A Game of Privacy.


Image: Nathan Rackley

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