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Say Goodbye to Harry Potter – Open Sourcery is what the cool kids practice now

21 Nov , 2014  | by:

Marco Tempest is a digital magician and aims to create illusions with technology. But not to fool people and have them walk out still wondering how that worked. He wants to teach the public what technology can make possible and does this in a fun an interactive way. Take a sneak peak at one of his shows here.

Federico Guerrini wrote a piece about Marco’s work in Forbes. It was an interesting and inspiring read. Guerrini states:

“But it does reach nonetheless its goal, which is to inspire people and make them less suspicious of and more engaged with technology, whether it’s augmented reality, artificial intelligence of another of the many things lots of people talk about, but very few actually are able to understand.”

I think it’s a great idea to share technology and its possibilities with the greater public. By showing the opportunities of technology in a magic show is an interesting take on technology while leaving out all the complicated (and sometimes terrifying) technical stuff. It makes technology more accesible to everyone and helps engage kids, parents, teachers and anyone else who could use a little help from technology but aren’t quite sure how to use it – just like me!


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