The Interdisciplinary Internet Institute (the iii) is an international group of researchers who study the social, philosophical, legal and economic aspects of the internet. The iii was set up in the summer of 2014 when a group of young researchers from all over the globe, met during a summer research program in Cambridge, Massachusetts. When the summer and their research time came to an end, they wanted to find a long distance solution to continue sharing their discussions and ideas. The result is the iii.

What is the iii? As of now, the iii includes blogs with commentary on novel technologies, the internet in general and more specifically the interplay between the internet and the contributors’ own areas of expertise. The contributors have interdisciplinary backgrounds, and with any luck the iii will reflect that, and allow multiple perspectives to peacefully co-exist with one another, like those tiny birds that clean the teeth of crocodiles.

The iii was founded by Anna Berlee, Rehana Harasgama, Luke J Heemsbergen, Stefan Kulk, and Melinda Sebastian.