Sergio Alves Jr

Researcher at Instituto Brasiliense de Direito Público (IDP), Brasilia, Brazil
Research interests: Internet Governance, Privacy, Taxation, Cybersecurity, Intellectual Property.


Anna Berlee

Lecturer at the Tilburg Institute for Private Law
Research interests: Property, Privacy, Data Protection, and Interoperability.


Guilherme Cintra

PhD Candidate in Political Science at the University Roma Tre, Rome, Italy
Research interests: Internet Governance, Privacy, Taxation, Cybersecurity, Intellectual Property.


Gabriela Dumancela

Ecuadorian graduate student at Georgetown University in Washington DC.
Research interests: Children’s media literacy


Robbie Fordyce

PhD at The University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia
Research interests: Networked activism, far-right extremists, theories of network power & sovereignty, philosophical economics, game studies.


Catalina Goanta

PhD candidate at Maastricht European Private Law Institute, Maastricht, Netherlands
Research interests: Private law & The Internet, Online sales, Consumer law


Rehana Harasgama

PhD Candidate at the Research Center for Information Law (FIR-HSG) at the University of St.Gallen
Research interests: Privacy; Accountability; Data Protection; E-Commerce; Government


Luke J Heemsbergen

PhD Candidate at University of Melbourne
Research interests: Internet Politics, Transparency, Democratic Governing


Stefan Kulk

PhD Candidate at Utrecht University at Centre for Intellectual Property Law
Research interests: Copyright law, Privacy, Intermediary liability, Technology & Law


Michael Lambert

Ethics & Excellence in Journalism Legal Fellow at The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, Washington, D.C., United States
Research interests: Media law, First Amendment, Copyright, Trademark, LGBTQ


Christoph Lutz

Assistant Professor at BI Norwegian Business School, Oslo, Norway
Research interests: Online Participation, Social Media, Privacy, Online Trust


Anna Myers

JD Candidate at The George Washington University Law School, Washington DC
Research interests: Privacy and Technology Law; Differential Privacy; Cybersecurity

Tijana Milosevic

PhD Candidate at American University, Washington DC
Research interests: Children and media, Cyberbullying, Social media policy, Online relationships


Danielle Ridout

JD/ Master of Global Affairs candidate, 2016 at University of Toronto Faculty of Law and Munk School of Global Affairs, Toronto, Canada
Research interests: Politics, Culture and Innovation, Diaspora, Social Media, Privacy

Fiona Savary

PhD Candidate at the Research Center for Information Law (FIR-HSG) at the University of St.Gallen, Switzerland
Research interests: Internet Regulation, Internet Governance, Net Neutrality, Anti-Trust

Sarah Schranz

Junior Project Manager at swissnex Boston
Research interests: Innovation, Technology, Art

Melinda Sebastian

PhD Candidate at Drexel University in the Culture & Communication Department
Research interests: Gender, Surveillance, Policy & Technology


Priyanka Suresh

Research Intern at Berkman Center for Internet and Society, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA and B.Tech/ MS student at International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad, India
Research interests: Big-data, Internet Studies, Cultural Informatics, Open Knowledge


Aurelia Tamò

PhD candidate at Chair of Information and Communication Law, Zurich, Switzerland
Research interests: Privacy; Technology; Policy Design


Helena Uršič

Researcher and PhD candidate at Leiden University, Centre for Law and Digital Technologies
Research interests: Data Economy, Privacy, Law and Digital Technologies, EU Law


The Privacy Roundtable

The Privacy Roundtable is – similarly to the iii – an interdisciplinary group of PhD students from the University of St.Gallen who meet on a more or less regular basis to discuss privacy matters of our day and age. As for now, the Privacy Roundtable counts eight members from the University of St. Gallen: Lea Aeschlimann, Rehana Harasgama, Flavius Kehr, Christoph Lutz, Veselina Milanova, Severina Müller, Pepe Strathoff & Aurelia Tamò. We are hoping to grow in the future.
Research interests: Privacy; Emerging Technologies; Governance