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Amazon Kicks Ass: Patent for Prime Air Delivery System Published!

20 May, 2015   | by:

In 2013, Amazon announced that they would start delivering products directly to their customers via drones – Amazon Prime Air. Purchasers would no longer have to wait for days until their order arrived, but could choose the speedy option and drones would deliver everything within hours to their doorstep. “Convenience” was the buzzword pushing forward this project but back then nobody was sure if that would be legal as according to the FAA drones were not allowed to be used for commercial purposes. Here’s Amazon’s letter to the FAA pleading for exemption from this clause. In March this year, the FAA finally allowed Amazon to test their new delivery system which is a big step forward…

And just last week more good news, Amazon’s  patent for their Prime Air Delivery System was published the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Is it just a matter of time now, that goods aren’t just purchasable at our fingertips but also deliverable within the hour? Stay tuned, we will be following the developments closely.

For further information on the Prime Air patent click here.

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Buying your way around ad blocking software. The story of Adblock Plus

4 Feb, 2015   | by:

According to a 2014 report by Adobe and Page Fair, nearly 150 million internet users browse the web using ad blocking software, a 70 percent increase compared to 2013. It is safe to say, that ad blocking software is on the rise, and poses a serious problem for internet and media companies who have built their businesses on advertising revenue. More…

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Obama stumps for net neutrality as FCC considers regulations that could alter Internet speeds

13 Oct, 2014   | by:

Not all of U.S. President Barack Obama’s campaign promises have come to fruition. Remember Obama’s 2007 pledge to lead the most transparent administration in history? Seven years later, excessive prosecutions and threats under the Espionage Act, pressures on reporter James Risen to reveal his confidential sources, and resistance to Freedom of Information Act requests, among other measures, have proven that Obama has not lived up to his campaign rhetoric concerning transparency and press freedoms. More…

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