Looking Into Living Rooms: Watch Footage Of Thousands Of Internet-Connected Cameras Online

4 Nov, 2014   | by:

A nightmare from the Internet of Things has arrived just in time for Christmas: images from thousands of internet-connected cameras from all over the world are publicly available, online, and ready for anyone to easily view. In September, MailOnline reported about an unspecified website that allows ‘home hackers’ to spy on people through internet-connected cameras. About a week ago, Motherboard‘s Joseph Cox also reported on the website without explicitly mentioning the website’s URL in his article. However, by linking to a WHOIS-record of the website’s domain name, Cox gave away the website’s URL. Many Dutch media are now reporting about the website and mention the website’s URL:

From pictures of backyards to schoolyards, detention centres to daycare centers, and even living rooms, you can watch them all on After browsing the website for a while, I saw many pictures of recognizable people having a coffee or working at their office. Below are some less-intrusive examples that hopefully still illustrate the magnitude of the privacy problems at issue.


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