Using NYC Taxi Data to identify Muslim taxi drivers

21 Jan, 2015   | by:

Remember that NYC Taxi data set that allowed you to see who visited a gentlemen’s clubs and which celebrity took a taxi where? Reddit user uluman now seems to have found a way to distinguish Muslim taxi drivers from the set. More…

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Which celebrity is taking a taxi where? And what gentlemen’s club are you visiting?

23 Sep, 2014   | by:

A dataset released by the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission is causing quite some uproar in the privacy community. The set contains details about every yellow cab ride in New York in 2013, including the pickup and drop off times, locations, fare and tip amounts, as well as anonymized (hashed) versions of the taxi’s license and medallion numbers. The dataset was not released voluntarily by the Commission, but was acquired through a Freedom of Information request.


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