The EU Drone Regulation – No Such Thing as a Magic Stick

12 Apr, 2016   | by:

In her speech “Time for delivery” at the aviation summit in Brussels in January 2016, European Commissioner for transport Violeta Bulc announced that this year the Commission will deliver a proposal for a basic legal framework for the safe use of drones at the European level. EU-wide rules will materialise the European Commission’s aviation strategy revealed in the EC 2014 communication and, as many hope, boost the market while building confidence in drones’ manufacturers and users. Unfortunately, the Commission does not have a magic stick that would instantly create a well-balanced and sustainable EU regulatory landscape. Up until now, member states’ steps towards smart regulation have been slow and, as it will be shown below, a daunting task for many of them, in particular for the small ones.

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CJEU invalidates Privacy Safe Harbour in Schrems-case – Highlights

6 Oct, 2015   | by:

Today the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) invalidated Decision 2000/520 of the European Commission establishing a safe harbour for transferring personal data from the EU to the US. Furthermore, it clarified and strengthened the role of national Data Protection Authorities when such a safe harbour is issued. The judgment is explained by some highlights, and the post is concluded with the Commission’s response.

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Are you Google famous? A look into the search engine’s algorithm in a post-right to be forgotten world

2 Nov, 2014   | by:

Fame is often a subjective inquiry. A famous person to one person can be a stranger to another. Someone considered famous in one country can be an average citizen in another. But Google, while implementing the Court of Justice of the European Union’s (CJEU) ruling in Google, Inc. v. Mario Costeja González regarding the right to be forgotten, has attempted to make an objective determination of who the public considers famous. More…

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