The Right to Remember: On the WP29’s Opinion concerning the Right to Be Forgotten Ruling & the Balancing of the Freedom of Expression

10 Dec, 2014   | by:

Two weeks ago the Article 29 Working Party (WP29) issued Guidelines on the Implementation of Google Spain judgment.

Let’s have a look at how often the WP29 elaborates on the delicate balance between oblivion, erasure or forgetting and the individuals’ right to freedom of expression. More…

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Things that caught our eye

The Role of Companies in Addressing Online Threats

4 Dec, 2014   | by:

Tackling a perhaps less addressed aspect of Elonis case, Danielle Keats Citron raises the question of social media companies’ role in addressing threats on their platforms.  Citron’s new book “Hate Crimes in Cyberspace” analyzes key issues around how law could move forward in handling free speech challenges and distributing responsibility between schools, parents and Silicon Valley.  You can read more on the aftermath of Supreme Court’s December 1st hearing on NYT’s Room for Debate.

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