Thou Shalt Never Forget

27 May, 2015   | by:

Disclaimer: Although the issue of memory in a digital society is a very cutting-edge topic, this report can be rather confusing for anyone who hasn’t been thinking about remembering and forgetting in the digital age for as long as I have, I apologize for that. For more insight on the ideas behind this workshop and the project run by the Research Center for Information Law (FIR-HSG) at the University of St.Gallen, Switzerland please take a look at our Wiki.

Last month, I organized and attended the concluding workshop for our (my professors’ and my) project called “Remembering and Forgetting in the Digital Age“. We invited renown scholars from all over the world who in one way or the other deal with memory in the digital age and we were very happy to host guests such Urs GasserViktor Mayer-SchönbergerMichael ArnoldWesley Shumar and many more. More…

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Things that caught our eye

Internet Usage Tax Creates Turmoil in Hungary

30 Oct, 2014   | by:

Here’s some important news from Eastern Europe that finally reached the US media: according to NPR, about 100,000 anti-government protesters gathered in Budapest on Tuesday to oppose a proposed plan to tax the use of internet. The Hungarian government says the tax is only extending an existing tax on telephones in order to address the growing share of communication that is taking place on the internet. However, the move is perceived as the government’s attempt to stifle voices from the opposition.

Read more on The New York Times. 

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