How should/do Google & Co. carry out the “Right to be Forgotten”?

28 Sep, 2014   | by:

The CJEU’s decision in the Case of Google Spain, Google v. AEPD has caused a lot of discussion around the globe (See both Anna’s and Stefan’s blog about the decision). Search Engines, especially Google, have called for guidance on how to decide whether information connected to a person’s name is

inadequate, irrelevant or no longer relevant, or excessive in relation to the purposes of the processing at issue carried out by the operator of the search engines”

and thus has to be deleted. More…

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Things that caught our eye

Academic Commentary on Google Spain case

15 Aug, 2014   | by:

Cambridge Code has done a marvelous job of gathering all the academic commentary on the Google Spain case. They may not be very up to date, but it gives a nice overview of early commentary on the case. You can find the authors, summaries and links to the works HERE.


Google Spain v. AEPD: About the ‘right to be forgotten’ and the forgotten right of freedom of expression

15 May, 2014   | by:


On 13 May the CJEU accepted a partial ‘right to be forgotten’ in the Case of Google Spain, Google v. AEPDWhat is remarkable about this ruling, is the extent of privacy protection adopted.

The Facts of the Case

Some 16 years ago Mario Costeja González was going through a rough patch in his life and was unable to pay his social security debts. As a result, his house was sold via public auction. This auction was announced in a newspaper.  At a later date an electronic version of the newspaper was made available online by its publisher. Google indexed the link and if you ‘googled’ the name of Mr. González a link to the newspaper article showed up in the search results. More…

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